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    Chapter 212: Forcible Kiss

    Wen Ying tried to recall the adorable pet videos he had watched in the past, but many of those methods would only aggravate the situation with Pyros.

    Pyros’ tail swished behind him. Wen Ying decided to adopt a more mature approach.

    He moved forward, and the Flaming Walls retreated. However, when he reached about five meters away from Pyros, the flames surged up to form a wall of fire.

    Wen Ying didn’t blink as he continued walking forward. Just as he was about to touch the burning flames, they recoiled in alarm.

    Pyros paused his destructive actions and turned to look at him. "Stay away from me."

    Wen Ying flashed an ingratiating smile. "I cut off one of the Two-Headed Serpent’s heads in Mu City. You haven’t eaten yet, right? I made a lot of dishes with its meat – they’re all delicious and aromatic."

    Pyros coldly withdrew his gaze. "If you don’t want to get beaten up, stay away from me. I’m very annoyed right now."

    Wen Ying ignored Pyros and continued walking forward. The look Pyros gave him the second time was especially fierce, and the surrounding Flaming Walls burned even brighter.

    Sweat trickled down Wen Ying’s forehead, not because he was scared, but because it was hot. Enveloped by the flames, the air he breathed was scorching.

    He stepped two meters away from Bellos and, with a sudden burst of energy, lunged forward to tackle him, embracing him tightly. Bellos was caught off guard by Wen Ying's actions and recoiled in surprise.

    "You uh..."

    Adult methods were straightforward and intense. Wen Ying delivered a passionate French kiss to Bellos, extending his tail behind the demon to wrap around Bellos' tail, which resembled a dragon's, rubbing against its base with its triangular tip.

    A distinct change in Bellos' aura was noticeable – he grew even more furious, bordering on rage.

    Bellos tried desperately to push Wen Ying's head back.

    "Wen uh..."

    Wen Ying kissed back stubbornly, his tail intertwining relentlessly with Bellos'.

    In the face of hormonal influence, reason held little weight. Wen Ying's strategy was to provoke relentlessly!

    Bellos was on the verge of being driven mad, but as Wen Ying persisted, his emotions involuntarily shifted.

    Demons were inherently emotional creatures, seeking instant gratification of their instincts. These could manifest in hunting, territorial claims, or, in this case, lust.

    Beros' tail, initially struggling irritably to free itself from Wen Ying's, involuntarily entwined back around it.

    In the black inferno, the two demons kissed with an intensity that defied separation, a backdrop of disaster yet an ambiance of romance.

    Influenced by hormones, every action was heightened. Wen Ying held Beros' face, basking in the demon's responsive energy.

    A warm and strong hand clasped his waist tightly, a muscular arm encircling it completely. Amidst the suffocating danger, the demon's lust gradually stirred awake.

    Beros' anger transformed bit by bit into another emotion. As this new feeling reached its peak, his blood-red eyes were veiled in a mist, the ferocity in his gaze diminishing, replaced by a hazy, primal longing.

    Closer than an embrace.

    Wen Ying was lost in the surging hormones, his satisfaction fueling a deeper exploration. He fondled the other's erect ears, adoring that muscular frame and the handsome, profound face.

    His bat-like wings wrapped possessively around his beloved Cerberus. A hand shifted from the ear to the black collar around the demon's neck, his excitement mounting, his tail wrapping even more tightly around Bellerophon's.

    The subtle ring of a cell phone was almost imperceptible amidst the fiery inferno, but it persisted. Wen Ying snapped back to reality, suddenly remembering the demon's tender age of ninety-nine. He sucked in a sharp breath.

    Goodness gracious, he nearly did harm to an underage demon of ninety-nine years.

    Beneath the excellent education of the Flower Nation, Wen Ying had a profound sense of guilt about touching minors, which was indeed a crime. However, he wasn't sure if it would be considered a crime in the Demon Realm, where demons became adults at the age of ninety.

    After all, they could start drinking at that age.

    As Wen Ying took the initiative to withdraw, Beros also came to his senses. He seemed a bit dazed, possibly recalling the inexplicable incident just now and savoring the sensations from before. Perhaps he hadn't fully realized what had happened, and was on the verge of becoming angry out of embarrassment.

    Wen Ying took out his phone, the second one he bought after arriving in the Demon Realm. The caller was Lu Qingtao.

    "Hello? Qingtao, what's up?"

    Wen Ying asked, keeping a cautious eye on Beros while his muscles were primed for a quick escape if necessary. After all, he had forcefully kissed Beros just now, an aggressive move that could easily provoke the prideful demon.

    "I'm currently in the temporary dormitory assigned to me by the academy. When I asked them what I should do next, they told me to inquire with the Demon Realm. I only have your number, so I called you," said Lu Qingtao, pausing before cautiously asking, "You're not asleep, right? You didn't answer my previous calls."

    "No, I didn't hear them," replied Wen Ying. "Which building and floor is your dorm on? Send me the room number. I'll... come find you later, maybe a bit later."

    Wen Ying was about to say "right away" when he suddenly sensed a chilling gaze beside him, causing him to immediately change his words.

    Wen Ying was about to end the call when he suddenly thought of something. "Have you contacted Lu Qingyuan?"

    "I have!" Lu Qingtao's tone became notably brighter and livelier. "Thank you so much, really."

    "You're welcome."

    Wen Ying hung up and noticed Perseus staring at him intently. Unfazed, he took out a plate of snake meat dish from his spatial bracelet. "Let's eat first. This snake meat is rich in magic power and looks great too."

    Although his anger had been momentarily stirred by his lust, it still lingered, along with frustration and gloominess. Perseus' brows furrowed, his eyes darkening. "You're not even going to explain now?"

    His tone was fierce, but beneath it was a hint of hurt.

    Wen Ying put the plate back into his spatial bracelet and gently hugged Perseus. "I can assure you that I didn't play any pranks or hide any malicious intentions behind my secret for amusement."

    Perseus wouldn't react this way to an ordinary secret. Given Wen Ying's history of behaving similarly to the malevolent bird, Perseus was afraid that Wen Ying was again intentionally being enigmatic for fun.

    "Be good," Wen Ying stroked Perseus' back softly. "I'm not lying to you. Really."

    Boros: "Don't talk to me like I'm a child." He still wanted to strangle him.

    Wen Ying: "Mm-hmm." It was actually the tone one would use to soothe a dog, along with the corresponding hand gestures for petting.

    Boros found it odd but couldn't quite put his finger on what was off. He couldn't treat Wen Ying the same way he would other demons, so he could only swallow his frustration.

    Boros muttered softly, "You'd better always make me like you."

    Wen Ying beamed. "Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. I'll always like you too."

    Boros: "…"

    At the sound of the word "like," Boros felt his heart rate spike. He looked away, his expression blank, seemingly in an average mood.

    Having dealt with Boros, Wen Ying went to find Lu Qingtao.

    The temporary dormitory seemed much smaller than the ones specifically built for demons at the academy.

    Wen Ying knocked on the door, and Lu Qingtao promptly opened it. Lu Qingyuan was also inside.

    Lu Qingyuan spotted Wen Ying and waved in greeting.

    Wen Ying entered the room, closing the door behind him casually.

    Lu Qingtao spoke with trepidation, "Am I really qualified to be their life mentor?"

    "It's just an excuse," Wen Ying dismissed it with a wave of his hand. "The academy staff will definitely keep a close eye on them. Besides, there's Wu Fei. He'll proactively explain the basics of human society to them."

    Lu Qingtao was still puzzled. "Then what about me?"

    "As a mascot?" Wen Ying chuckled and patted him on the shoulder. "Don't worry, I've made a deal with Feng Luo. You can stay here safely."

    Lu Qingyuan immediately asked, "What kind of deal? I can help too, either financially or with labor."

    Wen Ying looked at him with an odd expression.

    Lu Qingyuan instantly grew nervous. Could the price be steep?

    "It's not a very difficult task," Wen Ying explained. "It's just about promoting Lai Yehua's Festival Magic Card in the Human Realm."

    Confused, Lu Qingyuan asked, and Lu Qingtao was startled, "Are you being hunted by that big devil?"

    "Mystery Festival Spell Card?" Lu Qingyuan frowned slightly. "Is it a high-level enchanted item?"

    Lu Qingtao wore an expression similar to Wen Ying's as he detailed the story of Lai Yehua's Festival Spell Card to his cousin.

    After listening, Lu Qingyuan's face froze. He looked at Wen Ying. "This seems rather dangerous."

    "It's manageable," Wen Ying equivocated. "With my great-grandma around, he won't dare to attack me openly." But he might play some underhanded tricks.

    "By the way, today, someone from the academy took me for a magic talent assessment, and I scored excellent," Lu Qingtao said. "They asked if I wanted to study there."

    Without hesitation, Wen Ying replied, "That's great news."

    Lu Qingtao hesitated. "But I should be your life mentor..."

    "There's no conflict," Wen Ying said. "We all know it's just an excuse."

    "I'm worried they'll think I betrayed them," Lu Qingtao fretted. "Not only am I afraid they'll cause trouble for me, but I also can't feel at ease. You've helped me so much, and I..."

    Wen Ying continued to blurt out, "Then you should study at the academy even more. Not only will it help me more by strengthening your abilities, but you can also act as a spy to keep me informed."

    The entire dormitory room fell silent.

    Wen Ying blinked, realizing he had unintentionally said something that would shake the pupils of the two young men. He forced a joking tone, "Just kidding."

    Lu Qingtao spoke slowly, "If they say anything bad about you or target you, I'll definitely tell you." His voice grew firmer with each word.

    There was no need to be so serious...

    Lai Yehua had been sneezing non-stop these past few days. He wanted to seek out the Fairy Witch Clan for an omen, but with his hands full dealing with the Extremists, he hadn't had the chance. Recently, the Extremists had been unusually active, and the authorities were rounding them up in batches. Most were ordinary civilians, while only a few key figures had been caught.

    "Loser bunch," Lai Yehua grumbled in displeasure.

    After their conversation, Wen Ying returned to the dorm. Perseus hadn't come back all night. He could sense Perseus' magical fluctuations from afar, which were very active, indicating that he had been busy all night.

    Poor students of the Academy, they spent the whole night on edge, unable to sleep well.

    The next day, the Exorcist Academy officially began its classes.

    Lu Qingyuan, who had a contract with Wen Ying, was a second-year student. Wen Ying attended his classes directly, sharing the classroom with Scarlet Crow Wu Shaluo and the doll-like girl, Di Ji.

    Wu Shaluo deeply regretted choosing this current contractor. He disliked being in the same space as Wen Ying, not because he was more likely to be bothered by proximity, but rather due to his disdain for Wen Ying's antics.

    He wasn't acquainted with Di Ji, the lifeless girl as doll-like as she was.

    The magic-related subjects taught in this class seemed overly simplistic to him, making everything unbearable.

    He had to restrain his temper and still maintain a certain level of politeness towards those humans who attempted conversation.

    Normally, Wen Ying might have provoked Wu Shaluo, but with Feng Luo's urging, Wen Ying's focus was now entirely on Lai Yehua's magic card.

    As the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot. The image of him decapitating a massive serpent's head in Mu City had gone viral online. The Disaster Department's announcement also acknowledged the assistance from the Mirror Devil, adding to the appeal of his snow-white hair and handsome features. As a result, Wen Ying's online popularity was soaring, amassing a large fanbase and considerable influence.


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