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    Chapter 203: Home Visit

    Wen Ying's grandmother hesitated, "Is it that friend who helped you make the potion?"

    Wen Ying nodded.

    "Will he tell other demons? Like his superiors or friends?"

    Absolutely not, because there was no such friend in the first place.

    Wen Ying immediately denied this in his mind, but on the surface, he appeared to be in deep thought for a moment before answering, "I don't think so. That demon has some connection with Great-grandfather; they can be considered as kin."

    Wen Qinling suddenly wondered, "Speaking of which, what race is Grandfather?"

    Lin Tianbao lied without any change in expression, "I'm not sure. Qinxue, did he mention it to you?"

    Wen Qinxue also displayed a look of recollection before shaking his head, "He hasn't."

    "Do Mom and Dad know?"

    Wen Ying's grandparents both shook their heads.

    Observing everyone's reactions, it seemed that only Wen Ying and his parents were aware of the situation.

    "I'll retrieve the magical potion. While Uncle Two is out, let's all take it quickly," Wen Ying said, then hurried back to his room. From the spatial bracelet hidden in his sleeve, he took out the potion and presented it to the group. Instantly, everyone's attention was fixed on the bottle in Wen Ying's hand.

    Wen Ying's cousin, Hong Shen Nian, from his aunt's family, couldn't resist standing up and walking over to Wen Ying. He leaned close to the potion bottle, his gaze so focused that Wen Ying silently handed it over.

    Hong Shen Nian hesitated, not reaching out to take it, with a hint of wariness on his face.

    Wen Ying placed the bracelet in his hands, "Cousin, it's alright, it's not poison."

    Hong Shen Nian's parents couldn't sit still anymore, they both came over to examine the potion bottle closely.

    "This is the magical potion, right? Can I open it and take a look? Will it evaporate?"

    "There's no need for such formality." Wen Ying took back the bottle, opened it directly, and returned it to Hong Shen Nian's hand before walking over to the cabinet to fetch disposable cups.

    "This potion needs to be mixed with water before consumption."

    Wen Ying fetched four cups, filled them with water, and then took the magical potion from Hong Shen Nian, pouring it evenly among them.

    The potion was purple in color, appearing rather normal.

    Grandfather Wen, Aunt Wen 1, Aunt Wen 2, and Mother Wen braced themselves before downing it in one go.

    "It tastes quite nice, actually. It's sweet."

    Wen Ying returned to his room, retrieved three pre-prepared bottles of the potion, and then went back to the living room.

    "Grandfather, Aunt 1, Aunt 2, you keep an eye on this. There's enough for three days. Take one dose tomorrow and another the day after. For the last dose, drink it half an hour before they conduct the magical talent test."

    "When do you think they'll come?"

    "I can't say for sure, but it should be soon," Wen Ying wasn't aware of the exorcist's efficiency. "Anyway, just follow my instructions, and they won't suspect anything."

    Aunt Wen Qinxia asked, "Should we send some to Jinmin?"

    "No need, Second Cousin and Cousin are twins, so his high magical talent is within the norm."

    A flood of questions arose in everyone's minds, and they bombarded Wen Ying with inquiries, feeling that there were endless queries to ask. After a while, when Ou Yangcheng returned, they all fell silent tacitly.

    Ou Yangcheng sensed something odd about the living room atmosphere. He chuckled as he entered from the foyer, "Why is it so quiet all of a sudden?"

    They had abruptly stopped talking upon hearing the knock on the door, which was your arrival.

    Lin Tianbao steered the conversation towards lunch, diverting Ou Yangcheng's attention, and the living room regained its warm and harmonious family ambiance.

    By evening, everyone left, and Wen Ying watched TV with his parents in the living room. When it was time for bed, he went to his room to sleep.

    Despite having administered the magic potions to everyone and provided extras for them to take home, the plan had gone smoothly. However, lying in bed, Wen Ying's mind was cluttered, preventing him from sleeping. He kept thinking about the exorcist who had yet to visit.

    Lu Qingyuan's magical power couldn't sustain him indefinitely. If the home visit didn't happen within a few days, he would be passively returned to the Realm of Magic and then summoned again, necessitating another long flight from Nandu to Mu City...

    In the middle of the night, Wen Ying sat up, wide awake, and grabbed his phone from the bedside table to message Wen Xinxin.

    "Cousin, have you gone to sleep? If not, give me a call."

    After not receiving a response for a while, Wen Ying sent another message.

    " Cousins, give me a call when you wake up."

    She tossed her phone aside, laid down to sleep, and tried various positions, but she couldn't fall asleep. At around five in the morning, she called Wen Xinxin.

    It was early spring, and it was still dark at five in the morning. Wen Xinxin was woken up by her phone ringing. Glancing at the time, her first reaction was that Wen Ying was being unreasonable, and her second was that there might be something important.

    She quickly answered the call.

    "Hsin Hsin? Who's calling you so early?" Wen Xinxin's roommate mumbled sleepily.

    Wen Xinxin replied, "A relative. Sorry to disturb you."

    As she spoke, she walked into the bathroom and whispered to Wen Ying on the other end of the line, "What could be so urgent that you need to call me at this hour?"

    "The academy is going to visit homes of students from ordinary backgrounds," Wen Ying didn't say much over the phone, but she briefly explained her request. "I hope that when the academy announces the home visits, you can mention that our family members are all busy with business and only have time during these few days, implying that they should come for the visit during this period."

    "A home visit?" Wen Xinxin was surprised. "They're doing home visits on the first day of school?" She had a feeling that something was amiss.

    Wen Ying: "It's not convenient to discuss this over the phone. I'll explain in detail when you're back this weekend."

    The day after tomorrow was Saturday.

    Wen Xinxin didn't understand but replied, "Alright, I'll make more of an effort to visit our teachers and let them initiate the topic of a home visit."

    Throughout their conversation, Wen Xinxin spoke in a hushed tone, barely audible. If not for Wen Ying's enhanced demonic hearing, he wouldn't have been able to catch her words on the other end of the line.

    After finishing the call with Wen Xinxin, Wen Ying felt less preoccupied, and soon fell asleep.

    He slept until noon.

    True to her word, Wen Xinxin remembered her promise to Wen Ying. She used the excuse of exploring the school to drag her roommate around the teachers' office area. Before long, an unfamiliar teacher called out to her.

    "Are you Student Wen Xinxin?"

    In her heart, Wen Xinxin thought, Here it comes!

    "Yes, that's me. How can I assist you?"

    "I'm the instructor for advanced magic courses and also handle some academy affairs," An Meng explained. "Recently, we're planning to conduct home visits for new students to assess their potential development paths comprehensively."

    Upon hearing this, Wen Xinxin's expression revealed a hint of difficulty.

    An Meng immediately asked, "Is there something inconvenient about that?"

    "It's not really an issue, but my family is in business, so the adults are always on the move and rarely at home," Wen Xinxin replied, giving the outcome Wen Ying had hoped for. "It seems they're only free these few days."

    An Meng smiled. "That works then. We were planning to visit your home around these days. Are you and your guardians available on Saturday?"

    Wen Xinxin nodded, thinking to herself that Wen Ying didn't need to call her early in the morning. The academy was already planning to visit during this period.

    Despite being woken up early, Wen Xinxin still held a slight grudge.

    Boros noticed that Wen Ying had been absurdly diligent these past two days. Apart from attending classes and eating meals, she would return to her dormitory and immediately start meditating and practicing. He couldn't find a suitable opportunity to discuss Wen Ying's peculiar behavior with her.

    Wen Ying's cold demeanor made Boros somewhat agitated and anxious.

    Could it be that Wen Ying... no longer likes me?

    Was it because he had already obtained what he wanted? Or was he bored? Or did he dislike his personality? Beros found himself in a dilemma and didn't come to bother Wen Ying immediately.

    On Saturday, Wen Xinxin and a few people from the Exorcist Academy flew back to Mu City. They followed her straight home.

    The first Wen family member they met was Wen Qinxia. Ou Yangcheng warmly and generously entertained these teachers from the Exorcist Academy, offering them hotel cards, fruit, and more. His only goal was to make them view Wen Xinxin favorably and treat her kindly within the academy.

    To someone like Ou Yangcheng, money was merely a tool for achieving his objectives.

    Only Ou Yangcheng, who was unaware of the Wen family's demonic heritage, could so effortlessly interact with the Exorcist Academy without any pretense.

    "Checking for magical talent?" Ou Yangcheng said with regret and frustration. "I've already done that. I thought I was a genius, but it turns out I don't have much magical talent."

    "Mrs. Wen hasn't undergone the test yet," someone pointed out.

    Ou Yangcheng froze and turned to Wen Qinxia. "You haven't taken the test?" He assumed that no one would skip it.

    Wen Qinxia spoke casually. "There can't be that many geniuses around. I see many people with average magical talent, so I didn't bother. The queue for the talent test was too long, and I didn't want to wait if it was likely that I wouldn't have any talent."

    "Who knows?" An Meng smiled. "Magical talent is hereditary. Since Wen Xinxin possesses high magical talent, perhaps she inherited it from you, Mrs. Wen."

    Upon hearing this, Wen Xinxin and Wen Qinxia's hearts skipped a beat, fearing that the secret might have been exposed.

    Wen Xinxin, unaware of the existence of the magical potion, was worried that the truth might indeed come to light.

    Wen Qinxia said, "Then I'll give it a try tomorrow. Lately, I've been drinking nutrient-rich soups; perhaps it could boost my magical talent."

    "Mom?" Wen Xinxin was surprised, her voice inadvertently rising in volume, drawing the attention of nearby academy teachers.

    Realizing her tone was inappropriate, she quickly corrected herself, "Mom! I've told you not to believe those online rumors. Magical talent is determined at birth, and it's almost impossible to alter it afterward. Don't go eating strange things and harm yourself."

    An Meng agreed, "That's correct. Magical talent is generally fixed."

    "Mrs. Wen, there's no need to queue up tomorrow. We've brought a tool to test for magical talent, and we can do it right now."

    Having just consumed the magical potion that morning, Mrs. Wen felt confident and immediately nodded in agreement. Although her actions were eager, she couldn't help but feel a bit apprehensive inside.

    Wen Xinxin, upon further reflection, sensed that her mother's words held a hidden meaning, possibly intended specifically for her ears. Recalling Wen Ying's early morning call, where he hinted at already knowing about the home visit and the magical talent assessment, Wen Xinxin's initial panic lessened slightly, but she remained concerned.

    With all her might, she refrained from staring fixedly at the testing device, catching a glimpse of her father's carefree expression out of the corner of her eye. Suddenly, she envied her father, who was blissfully unaware of the situation.

    "Unfortunately, although you possess magical aptitude, it's not particularly high," An Meng said, his doubts subsiding as the data came in.

    Testing the others would determine the family's lineage. The key was the boy the Dean mentioned, Wen Ying, who seemed to have awakened demonic bloodline.

    How could he lack magical talent? Wen Xinxin barely managed to conceal her astonishment, pretending to rub her eyes to hide her expression.

    What method had Wen Ying and his family used?

    "Student Xin Xin, are your cousins free now?" asked Ou Yangcheng. "They should be at home today, but it's almost noon. Why don't we have lunch at our place before heading over?"

    An Meng shook his head. "Thank you for your kindness, but we're rather pressed for time. Our apologies."

    "Never mind, come again next time."

    Wen Qinxia barely held back from giving her foolish husband a punch.

    Another time? She'd likely become an award-winning actress with several more visits.

    Wen Xinxin led the teachers to Wen Ying's apartment building and rang the doorbell.

    "Coming, coming!" Lin Tianbao nervously slapped his face, trying to relax his expression.

    Wen Qinxue sternly advised, "Be more natural. You're still too stiff. Show the same demeanor you have with your subordinates."

    "It's alright, alright, I'll get it together soon," Lin Tianbao replied, his voice tense.

    Wen Ying unlocked the electronic gate for them.

    Normally, they wouldn't have to wait this long for guests to arrive via elevator, but time seemed to be moving in slow motion. The atmosphere in the living room was heavy with anticipation and tension.

    The sound of knocking on the door made Lin Tianbao nearly leap up.

    "Calm down," Wen Ying whispered, stepping forward to open it.

    Before him stood a young man, somewhere between adolescence and adulthood. An Meng was momentarily taken aback; he recognized this face from the files – it was their main target, Wen Ying.

    The Dean suspected that the boy had demonic heritage and that it had awoken, but... he seemed perfectly ordinary upon observation.

    Demons and humans rarely produced offspring; there were few instances even during the thousands of years when demons were active in the human realm, let alone now.

    With no information to go on, An Meng wasn't familiar with half-demons. He suspected that they might appear as regular humans.

    An Meng discreetly observed the key subject while diverting his attention to greet his parents.


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