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    Chapter 226 - Prediction

    "Really?" Wen Ying feigned ignorance. "Let's continue talking about the cruise. Can we really go on it? I wonder if the academy would allow us."

    Hai Lige expressed his disagreement. "They have no right to restrict your freedom. It's just for a short visit on the ship."

    "There will be a movie premiere on the ship at that time. It's a film about demons produced by a renowned company in Country A. I think you might find it interesting, don't you think?"

    Hai Lige propped his chin up with both hands and casually changed the subject. "It's completely different from the demon-themed movies produced by the Flower Planting Nation. Of course, it's also different from the TV series adapted from that demon mobile game."

    With a subtle hint of belittling one while praising the other, Wen Ying suddenly realized why he had a strange feeling. According to online lingo, this Hai Lige was a bit 'tea'.

    Boros accurately pinpointed the issue in Hai Lige's words. "Is the movie from Country A that you mentioned actually real? There's no news about it online."

    Wen Ying remained silent, looking at Hai Lige with a puzzled expression.

    Hai Lige spoke with certainty. "Of course, it exists. The film was even invested in by our church. To give the world a surprise, we haven't promoted it at all. We'll only release the news when it premieres on the luxurious cruise."

    Wen Ying was momentarily unsure how to react. The domestic church investing in a demonic film and TV series, and now the church headquarters investing in a seemingly positive portrayal of demons in a movie.

    No, they're... Wen Ying's gaze darkened for an instant before quickly returning to normal.

    They wanted to pin the blame on the Flower-Bearing Country after the incident, because only the church in this nation would engage in such deeds. The church always presented itself as righteous and upright in public.

    If a branch of the church within the Flower-Bearing Country were involved in such matters, it would naturally implicate the high-ranking officials domestically.

    Their hearts were truly filthy, even filthier than Muershi's.

    "I'm quite interested," Wen Ying spoke honestly, "but I have a question. The first demonic-themed drama in the Flower-Bearing Country hasn't even aired yet, let alone been completed. How do you know that it will be similar to the movie?"

    Hai Lige chuckled and lowered his voice. "We've obtained the first episode from an insider, and it will also be screened on the luxury cruise."

    Their hearts were indeed more sinister than the most malevolent birds, Wen Ying inwardly gasped. Under normal circumstances, this method would undoubtedly decrease the demons' favorable impression of the Flower-Bearing Country's citizens by a hundred percent.

    That was, unless he, as a half-undercover agent, intervened.

    Wen Ying felt a sense of joy from being an omniscient observer outside the chessboard. Eavesdropping was impossible, but watching their futile efforts was rather amusing.

    Recalling the matter of eavesdropping, a sudden thirst for knowledge arose in Wen Ying's heart. He wondered just how many people Essence was playing with, since he had heard that the culture overseas was quite liberal.

    Wen Ying was lost in thought to the point of being momentarily absent-minded.

    Hai Lige, with his high emotional intelligence, didn't continue speaking and quietly ate his noodles, waiting for Wen Ying to regain his focus before resuming the conversation.

    The meal lasted nearly an hour. If not for Beros constantly nudging him under the table, Wen Ying would have happily listened to Hai Lige's stories even longer.

    When they stood up to dispose of their plates together, Hai Lige leaned close to Wen Ying and whispered, "Why did you choose this country alone? Many of us feel deeply regretful."

    His tone was slightly pitiful and downcast, and the favorability points he had gained from Wen Ying earlier were enough to make the latter subconsciously soften.

    One doesn't strike a smiling person, even if one knows they harbor ill intentions. People were easily deceived by superficial appearances.

    With his good looks and pleasant voice, when a sunny-type individual suddenly appeared pitiful, it was akin to a golden retriever lowering its eyes and whimpering softly.

    This was a scene Wen Ying had never encountered before.

    Beros couldn't bear it anymore. He had been holding back for a long time, but seeing that human still approaching Wen Ying, he strode forward, positioning himself in front of Wen Ying, then reached out to pull him along towards the trolley for dish disposal.

    Beros shouldn't have invested so much attention in a single human, but the humans who had come looking for him had exaggeratedly described Hai Lige's attempts to lure Wen Ying away, forcing Beros to take notice.

    Hai Lige's gaze was downcast, his bright golden eyes seemingly losing their luster. Amidst the bustling cafeteria, he appeared solitary and forlorn, evoking sympathy for the matter he had just mentioned.

    Surrounding classmates: What a clever move to retreat for progress! It's just ridiculous.

    This was more thrilling than many TV dramas; everyone was so engrossed that they barely touched their food, eagerly following the unfolding narrative.

    A slap in the face! Where is the dignity of your queenly position, Cerberus? We despise you for being mute!

    Wen Ying explained, "Due to the better security here, the government takes extreme measures to apprehend radical factions. After all, we are underage demons, and His Majesty the Devil doesn't wish for us to be exposed to excessive danger."

    Wen Ying thought to himself: Devil King? Pah!

    Hai Lige responded, "????"

    His pretended look of innocence was replaced by wide-eyed astonishment. Could it be... because of this reason?

    Hai Lige stammered, "I see... The Devil King cares a lot about you."

    Wen Ying chuckled, "Lord Devil King is a kind-hearted devil, advocating peace." Ah pah!

    Boros stood aside in silence, watching as Wen Ying lied without blinking an eye.

    Hai Lige quickly regained his composure and asked eagerly, "If our country were safer, would you come to visit for fun?"

    "We probably would. There are many tourist attractions over there."

    Alert! Alert! Alert! The students around them thought.

    Hai Lige felt as if he was being pierced by the gazes of his classmates, but he remained calm and waved goodbye to Wen Ying with reluctance, "We'll definitely work hard to catch the Extremists when we get back."

    Boros stood with his arms crossed, his expression cold and his tone slightly mocking, "He's not leaving right now." He put on an attitude that suggested he was about to depart...

    Boros didn't know what this feeling was called, but he disliked it immensely.

    Wen Ying lifted his gaze. "It's so refreshing to meet someone like him for the first time."

    The low-pressure atmosphere around Boros became even more apparent.

    The students trembled, hoping that the Mirror Demon wouldn't provoke the Cerberus any further.

    The rumor proved true; how could the Mirror Demon dare to so brazenly disregard an enraged Cerberus if he wasn't at the top of the rankings?

    They were all terrified out of their wits.

    Beros was filled with rage, but there was another emotion that made him even more uncomfortable than anger. Normally, he could vent his anger through destruction and combat, but this unknown, mixed anger made him feel that not even dismantling the entire academy would soothe him.

    This irritability originated from the Mirror Demon before him. If he didn't confront him...

    "Beros, aren't you supposed to be training?" Wen Ying's voice seemed to come from afar, and the warmth of another demon was transmitted through his arm.

    The crimson hue in Bellerose's eyes faded as he lowered his gaze to see Wen Ying holding onto his arm, guiding him down the stairs.


    Bellerose's tone remained steady. "Someone knocked on the door, saying there's a foreigner trying to steal me away."

    Wen Ying chuckled, hugging Bellerose's muscular arm. "I only have eyes for you." His tail swished playfully against Bellerose's own.

    Surprisingly, Bellerose felt insecure, which caught Wen Ying off guard. After all, it was he who had initiated their romantic relationship, and he was usually the one clinging to Bellerose. Bellerose's usual calm demeanor was the reason why Wen Ying had been so excited about their date location.

    Assuming it would be difficult to calm his racing mind, Wen Ying's words surprisingly brought tranquility.

    The fervor from his pounding heart, putting him on high alert for combat, instinctively caused Bellerophon's tail to wrap tightly around Wen Ying's, while his naturally relaxed hand subconsciously clasped onto Wen Ying's.

    Wen Ying was taken aback, raising an eyebrow as he said, "Still complaining about me being clingy?"

    Having obtained crucial information from the demonic mirror, Hai Lige eagerly headed back to the dormitory assigned by the academy. However, as he anxiously reached the door, he paused in his steps.

    Magical humans had keener senses than non-magical ones, particularly their hearing.

    Although the sound insulation of this dormitory building was excellent, one could still faintly hear some noises. The persistent sounds made the corner of Hai Lige's mouth twitch.

    They were still at it.

    Succubi were indeed easy to approach, so much so that he almost wanted to change the target in his plan.

    Unfortunately, Succubi were high-ranking demons. The enchanted weapons they carried were only effective against mid-ranking demons...

    Hearing the commotion inside, Hai Lige found himself unable to continue his thoughts. Temporarily leaving the double room he was assigned, he planned to encounter a few more demons and test if the demons' visit to Flower Country was genuinely due to security issues.

    The reason seemed absurd yet plausible, leaving Hai Lige utterly unsure if the Magic Mirror Demon was toying with him.

    Simultaneously, behind the building stood a forest where an Evil Bird and a wicked Fairy Elf were eavesdropping on the walls, whispering their comments about the happenings inside.

    "They're so pitiful, encountering a Succubus who's been holding back for a long time."

    "Shouldn't Essence still remember not to drain humans' life force?"

    "Luckily, the people in their country are quite open-minded."

    Muershi suddenly remarked, "Speaking of which, I wonder if Wen Ying will find Beros, that seemingly asexuality guy, unappealing. He seems too lazy to move in bed."

    Koroy pondered for a moment before pulling out a crystal ball. "Let me make a prediction."

    Muershi: "…Isn't your clan's crystal ball not used for this? I feel like it's being misused."

    Koroy: "It's alright, I'm not a conventional, normal Fairy Elf anyway."

    "True," Muershi rolled his eyes, then eagerly urged, "Hurry up then, tell me the result quickly."

    Boros suddenly sensed being observed, not physically, but through some mystical intuition. His magical power surged, and his mental energy enveloped himself, repelling everything around him.

    Wen Ying asked, "What's wrong?"

    Boros replied, "I have a strange feeling."

    "Be more cautious lately. It might be the Extremists or someone else using some long-range magic."

    Koroy spat out blood, his expressionless face revealing the backlash he had suffered. "I was hit by a rebound. The Human Realm is hindering my abilities. I'll have to wait until I return to the Demon Realm."

    Muershi sighed in disappointment, even the voice inside sounding unpleasant.

    Hai Lige stepped out and deliberately headed for the cafeteria again, this time reaching the third floor. There, he successfully encountered a demon, none other than the First Prince of the Demon Realm, Lan Jiaying.

    Hai Lige employed the same tactic as before, tailoring his behavior according to Lan Jiaying's personality described in the information, thereby increasing his favorability with Lan Jiaying.

    When facing Wen Ying, he needed to portray an earnest and sunny puppy-like demeanor, whereas in front of Lan Jiaying, he had to adopt an admiring attitude.

    After some conversation, Hai Lige subtly inquired if the Devil King was particularly kind to young demons. The normally arrogant and reticent Lan Jiaying immediately opened up, continuously narrating the Devil King's virtues.

    Hai Lige was utterly astonished. The Devil King's character seemed to be entirely different from what the Extreme Party had portrayed.

    However, this revelation significantly increased the credibility of the Magic Mirror Demon. It appeared that the Devil King genuinely cared for the safety of underage demons and thus had sent them to Flower Kingdom.


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