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    Chapter 264 - Guiding


    Not just exceptional – this level of affinity with magic was comparable to the top students in the academy.

    When Qinxue and Lin Tianbao saw the color of the potion, their hearts almost leapt out of their throats at first, and their bodies turned icy cold. However, upon seeing Wen Ying's calm demeanor, they realized that this might still be within his plan.

    Lin Tianwang took a few steps forward and asked doubtfully, "What does this result mean?"

    Lin Hang, who had some knowledge in this area, gasped in shock, "Damn, what a genius!" After his initial surprise, a surge of intense fear and delight washed over him.

    The fear stemmed from the possibility that Wen Ying might truly be a devil, while the joy came from the fact that the Wen Corporation was now one step closer to them.

    These two extreme emotions caused his facial muscles to twitch.

    Shi Cailing happened to return just then, saying, "I told you he was a devil! They all are devils in the Wen family!"

    A demon hunter turned back, "The lady's talent test results do not meet the criteria for identifying a devil."

    The implication was that Wen Ying's status was still uncertain. He truly didn't believe this young man was a devil, but his talent was terrifyingly impressive.

    He searched for information about Wen Ying in his mobile database. The man was startled when he recalled that the youth had shown average talent during the previous test. How could there be such a drastic change in the results within a short time? Could it be that he really was a devil?

    Shi Ailing said excitedly, "I've seen those high-tech crime-solving techniques in TV dramas. With some kind of liquid or powder, they can reveal bloodstains that were previously cleaned up. Come with me upstairs. I saw him kill three exorcists last night. Their blood was splattered on the floor, and there were a few drops on the wall too. We'll definitely be able to detect them with scientific methods!"

    "Mom…" Lin Tianbao looked at Shi Cailing, who was determined to prove Wen Ying was a devil, with a gloomy expression.

    Shi Cailing turned to look at him. "Those exorcists told me that the Wen family are all cruel devils. I'm doing this to help you."

    Wen Qinxue spoke with a cool tone, "Do you want to take a look at the greedy expression on your face?"

    "I'm just stating the truth, anyway!"

    Lin Gubing was also now unsure and puzzled. Was it not a dream after all? Was it real?

    The two exorcists looked at each other and, after a moment of thought, said, "Let's go upstairs first to confirm if there are any bloodstains."

    Wen Ying sat at the dining table, propping his chin in his hand as he spoke nonchalantly, "Shouldn't you ask that lady why the three exorcists she mentioned would appear upstairs out of nowhere? It's rather strange, don't you think?"

    The two exorcists paused in their tracks, a strange sensation stirring within them. There was something off about the way those words were spoken.

    Without hesitation, Shi Cailing retorted confidently, "What's strange about that? They told me you were possessed by demons, so they wanted me to take Wen Qinxue up alone for purification. I didn't expect you to follow, and now I realize you're a demon too!"

    Both exorcists wore startled expressions. The information conveyed in her words was significant. If Shi Cailing was telling the truth, then this young man had indeed killed three exorcists.

    But why would an exorcist use the term "purification" when dealing with demons? Moreover, demonic possession usually involved mind-manipulating magic. It was rare for a demon to directly inhabit a human body.

    "One of them mentioned 'purification,' or did you substitute that word yourself?" The exorcists' expressions unconsciously turned more serious.

    Shi Cailing replied in confusion, "Of course it was them who said it. They told me my daughter-in-law was possessed by a demon, causing strife in our family. They said all we needed was purification."

    Many from the older generation weren't well-versed in the internet, and their knowledge base was limited. Lin Hang, who was familiar with online lingo, immediately sensed something amiss upon hearing this. His heart skipped a beat.

    Wen Ying calmly guided the conversation, "If they were truly Church exorcists, they wouldn't use the term 'purification.'"

    Shi Cailing took two steps forward to argue her point, "Only the Church would use such a sacred word like 'purification!' Only their exorcists would know its true meaning."

    The expressions of the two exorcists on site grew even more solemn.

    "You mentioned exorcists from the Church?"


    Lin Hang attempted to interject, asking Shi Cailing to think before she spoke. However, upon catching the towering man's gaze, he meekly closed his mouth.

    Shi Cailing said proudly, "Yes, exorcists from the Church. What's the problem? They even showed me their IDs. I'm not that easy to fool. They had certificates issued by the Church."

    Wen Ying curled his lips into a smile that didn't reach his eyes. "You heard him, they're exorcists with official Church credentials."

    Addressing the two exorcists, he continued, "…What did you hear?"

    Something felt off. The young man's assertiveness seemed to be escalating, and there was a shift in his demeanor.

    Wen Ying picked up his phone, directing it at them. "I need an explanation."

    The two exorcists focused on Wen Ying's phone screen, their eyes widening as they hurried closer for a better look. Wen Ying kindly handed them the phone with a calm smile. "Take your time."

    "What is it?" Lin Tianwang approached curiously, only managing to glimpse a video playing on the rectangular screen. In one corner of the video, the background appeared familiar – it seemed to be their home.

    Wen Qinxue clasped hands with Lin Tianbao, their palms intertwining in a tense grip that went unnoticed as their nails dug into flesh.


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