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    Chapter 162: On the Way

    Wen Ying's expression didn't change much, as if he wasn't the demon who had been left hanging for a day.

    "Did they all know about it?"

    The Deputy Chief Justice was taken aback. Wasn't he angry?

    "I'm not sure if they all knew," the Deputy Chief Justice said ambiguously, "But I do know that some of them were aware."

    After answering Wen Ying's question, he propped his chin on interlaced fingers. "I know where the Chief Justice is right now and can take you there."

    As Wen Ying picked at his fried noodles with chopsticks, he said indifferently, "There must be quite a few people at a hot spring resort, right?"

    The Deputy Chief Justice failed to grasp Wen Ying's meaning, feeling puzzled. This wasn't how he had imagined things would go when he came. Shouldn't this parachuted demon be furious after being ignored for a day and demand an explanation from the Chief Justice?

    The Deputy Chief Justice narrowed his eyes slightly, a cold glint flashing through his slender gaze. Quickly adjusting his expression, he became amiable, polite, and approachable.

    Wen Ying had spent several months in the Demon Realm and had never seen a truly gentle demon. Lan Jiaying was a good example of this.

    Moreover, this demon was far from Lan Jiaying's level in terms of power. At least her aura seemed natural, not so fake.

    "The truth is, I don't see eye to eye with the current Chief Justice. He often creates obstacles for me. In the past, there was nothing I could do, but now that we have the chance to replace him, I'm all for it," the Deputy Chief Justice said. "You've noticed, haven't you? Everyone is trying to intimidate you, and he's the one pulling the strings behind the scenes."

    Wen Ying lowered his eyes in thought.

    "I understand your concerns about your capabilities. If conflicts arise, I'll stand by your side and assist you. I have some subordinates within the headquarters as well, so you don't need to worry," the Deputy Chief Justice smiled. "The sooner you complete your probation and get promoted, the sooner I won't have to see him."

    Looking at him, Wen Ying felt a sense of indescribable complexity. He instinctively reached up to twirl his hair, only to remember that he had taken the magic potion and now had short hair.

    Demons truly considered the Mirror Demon useless.

    "The Chief Justice doesn't plan to return tonight. I'll take you to find him later," the Deputy Chief Justice said. "We'll try to complete your internship registration tonight."

    The Deputy Chief Justice was more enthusiastic than the actual Chief Justice himself. Wen Ying vaguely acknowledged him and quickly finished his fried noodles. After eating, Wen Ying put on a mask and followed the Deputy Chief Justice out.

    It was evening, and there were significantly more customers in the shop. As Wen Ying descended the stairs, he casually asked, "Who does the money earned by the shop belong to?"

    "The public account, used to pay salaries and provide funding," the Deputy Chief Justice replied.

    Wen Ying paused in his steps, a bizarre and chilling thought flashing through his mind. Could it be that His Majesty the Devil didn't have much human currency on him? His gaze towards the place shifted instantly.

    This was the source of his future income – he had to cherish and manage it well.

    The Deputy Judge led Wen Ying out but didn't take the originally planned route, opting for a different path instead.

    Unaware, Wen Ying followed behind him. After a while, he asked, "Which hot spring are we going to?" Mu City had several hot springs.

    "The Jia Huan Hotel. That guy has been soaking there every night recently," the Deputy Judge subtly added to the Chief Judge's negative impression. "With his constant procrastination, he'll probably delegate those tedious tasks to you."

    The Deputy Judge kept applying eye drops throughout the journey.

    After walking for a while, the Deputy Judge stopped, his voice a bit hurried. "Tsk, we bumped into a patrolling Exorcist."

    On purpose, but when the Deputy Judge turned back, he wore an expression of astonishment – where was that devilish mirror?

    He looked around, but amidst the sea of people behind him, he couldn't find the one he was searching for.

    The patrolling Exorcist was Wei Ranfeng. As he passed by, he cast a slightly puzzled glance at the Deputy Judge but didn't notice anything amiss and continued on his way.

    When Wei Ranfeng left, the Deputy Judge suddenly heard the voice of the Devil Mirror behind him.

    "Where to next?"

    The Deputy Judge nearly jumped up in shock, turning his head to see the Devil Mirror, though he hadn't noticed it at all just moments ago.


    How could it appear and disappear like a ghost within his range of perception? The Deputy Judge was puzzled. His rank was higher than this Devil Mirror's, so how had he not sensed it? Under these circumstances, if this intruder had struck from behind, he wouldn't have been able to detect or evade it in advance.

    Wen Ying thought to himself that he could face anyone in the Exorcist world without running – except for Wei Ranfeng.

    He feared seeing Wei Ranfeng, the man who had once "visited" him, leaving Wen Ying with a PTSD-like trauma.

    Turning his head, the Deputy Judge noticed a hint of tension behind Wen Ying's glasses. He inwardly sneered; typical Devil Mirror, getting nervous at the sight of an Exorcist. It probably fled earlier and only dared to return when it deemed the coast clear.

    It must've improved its abilities in escaping, the Deputy Judge mocked inwardly, but outwardly he showed concern, his tone laced with worry. "Mu City's newly established Disaster Department has exorcists patrolling daily, around the clock. Be careful when you go out. If you encounter one, remember to avoid them."

    Wen Ying nodded sincerely, feeling thoroughly cursed. From the Deputy Judge's words, it seemed Wei Ranfeng was now working at the Mu City Disaster Department. They would be in the same city every day...

    Wen Ying inwardly decided that he might as well stay at home from now on – the outside world was simply too perilous.

    The Deputy Judge was pleased to see Wen Ying listening attentively. The rumors about the Demon Realm were indeed exaggerated. Demon Mirror Demons were truly as they were described; it was inconceivable how such tales had spread.

    There were even rumors that the First Prince of the Demon Realm had been defeated by a Demon Mirror Devil – only a demon with a faulty brain would believe such a fairy tale.

    The Deputy Judge had spent many years in the Human Realm and held those rumors in contempt.

    To further endear himself to Wen Ying, he led him along the route taken by the Exorcists on patrol.

    With the map of Mu City's Exorcist patrols etched in his mind, the Deputy Judge took a detour, only to encounter Wei Ranfeng walking towards them once again.

    Just as the Deputy Judge was about to take this opportunity to draw closer to Wen Ying with some comforting words like "I'm here," he found that the Demon Mirror Devil had vanished again after he had prepared his speech.

    This was the second time, and the Deputy Judge could hardly believe it. He had been extra vigilant this time, yet he hadn't noticed when the creature had disappeared or where it had hidden!

    Although he had suppressed his power, he was still a Mid-Rank Devil – how could he not sense the movement of a Low-Rank Devil? !

    Wei Ranfeng saw the slightly odd man again. He walked over, sized him up for a moment, then asked casually, "Sir, have you lost something?"

    The Deputy Judge was about to shake his head but then nodded, "I lost some money around here."

    "Then you won't be able to find it," Wei Ranfeng said with a serious expression.

    The Deputy Judge: "…."

    In the depths of winter, this exorcist was only wearing a tight black tank top under an unzipped coat, revealing the well-defined muscles from years of training.

    His demeanor didn't resemble that of a righteous figure at all; he seemed rebellious and nonchalant, speaking in a lethargic tone. Yet when he said, "Then you won't be able to find it," his tone was earnest but carried a hint of mockery.

    Unable to hold back, the Deputy Judge asked, "... Shouldn't you be comforting me or helping me look for it?"

    Wei Ranfeng shrugged. "Are you trying to deceive yourself? With so many people passing by, that money has surely been picked up."

    The Deputy Judge nearly lashed out; demons typically had short tempers, but he managed to restrain himself.

    "There's still a chance to retrieve it," the Deputy Judge said, striding forward resolutely.

    After walking a while, he heard Wen Ying's voice again.

    "Why do I always run into that exorcist?"

    The Vice-Judge: "?!?" He gazed again at the demon in the magic mirror, who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, with an expression of disbelief. His lips moved as if he wanted to say something, but he remained silent.

    This demon must practice his escape skills all the time, the Vice-Judge mused.

    Despite this, he now held an unconscious sense of reverence towards Wen Ying.

    "We'll take a different route. We shouldn't encounter him then."

    This time, the Vice-Judge didn't cause any trouble and led Wen Ying straight to the Jia Huan Hotel.

    Wen Ying was familiar with the place. It was a comprehensive hotel with numerous hot spring pools and a children's playground, marketed as an ideal weekend getaway for families.

    Following the Vice-Judge, Wen Ying observed his confident navigation and deduced that he knew the exact location of the Chief Judge.

    He had gathered quite detailed information, it seemed.

    They arrived at an outdoor hot spring area filled with people. The Vice-Judge pointed out a man whose appearance stood out from the crowd.

    "That's the one with the middle-parted bangs."


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