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    Chapter 209: Frustration

    Most of the residents in Wen Ying's neighborhood were well-connected. When the crisis first emerged, several exorcists had rushed to this area in search of magical creatures.

    But just now, those few individuals had patrolled past this spot.

    Wen Ying picked up his phone and, within a few breaths, a clear plan formed in his mind.

    Both Lin Tianbao and Wen Qinxue watched as Wen Ying made a call, unsure who he was contacting. They froze when they heard him say, "Disaster Countermeasures Department? I need help. There's a large, bizarre butterfly in front of Building 21 at Hengdi Court."

    Knowing that they had demonic bloodlines and that their son was a demon himself, the couple had always kept their distance from the Disaster Countermeasures Department. Yet, Wen Ying had actually called them!

    Lin Tianbao suppressed a gasp and whispered, "Little Ying, if you call them now and they arrive too late, that monster might attack us first. You'll easily be discovered if you intervene."

    "Yes," Wen Qinxue frowned with concern. "You can't let them find out about you."

    To humans, Wen Ying was an outsider, whether he was a demon or not.

    Wen Ying reassured them, "I have a plan. Don't worry, Mom and Dad. I won't be discovered."

    Both of them were still anxious, but after Wen Ying's incident, their fear of the enchanting butterfly wandering in the darkness subsided. They were more worried that Wen Ying would be discovered as a demon by the exorcists outside.

    That would be a true calamity.

    After Wen Ying's call, the operator immediately located the two nearest exorcists to Building 21 of Emperor Eternal Mansion on the map. Conveniently, both exorcists were within the same residential area, so the operator promptly called one of them to deal with the magical beast.

    The person who answered the phone was Lu Rongyu. Upon receiving the call, he immediately turned back.

    "Strange, I didn't see any magical beast just now," Lu Rongyu remarked, puzzled, as he ran.

    "It disappeared…" Wen Ying looked out the window, watching helplessly as the butterfly turned transparent and vanished.

    No, it hadn't vanished. Upon closer observation, Wen Ying could sense that the butterfly's aura still lingered in place. Like a chameleon, it had merged seamlessly with its surroundings.

    It sensed danger – an intense aura was closing in.

    Wen Ying took out a berry from his spatial bracelet, using his nails to pierce its skin, releasing a sweet fragrance that rushed forth eagerly.

    The butterfly's wings fluttered gently, maintaining its camouflaged state, and flew towards Wen Ying's window.

    Lin Tianbao and Wen Qinxue couldn't see the butterfly anymore, as it had left, which made them heave a sigh of relief. After a brief moment of relaxation, Lin Tianbao looked back out the window to confirm if the butterfly had truly departed.

    As soon as he peered out, he found himself staring into two large, vivid black eyes surrounded by intricate, dizzying patterns. His goosebumps multiplied, his hair stood on end, and a wave of disgust and fear surged through him.

    "T-Ten Ying—" Lin Tianbao screamed Ten Ying's full name in terror, his shrill cry echoing throughout the neighborhood.

    Startled by Lin Tianbao's cries, the surrounding residents hurriedly retreated to the safety of their homes, holding their breaths.

    Did their neighborhood now have a magical beast too?

    The butterfly flew through the shattered window, its entrance accompanied by the tinkling sound of breaking glass. Lin Tianbao's screams grew even louder. Wen Ying threw the fruit in his hand at the butterfly before grabbing one person with each hand and dashing towards the living room.

    The butterfly moved at a leisurely pace. After finishing the fruit, it fluttered its wings gently and floated gracefully inside.

    Wen Ying was on the verge of going deaf from his father's shouting. With a volume that could pierce through the clouds, it was anything but friendly to demons. After pulling both of them into the living room, Wen Ying promptly covered his ears and exclaimed, "Dad, stop shouting! You're going to deafen me!"

    Before the butterfly could do anything to him, his father's cries were already doing the job.

    Wen Qinxue slapped the back of Lin Tianbao's head and whispered in his ear, "Little Ying is still here!"

    Lin Tianbao regained his composure and said awkwardly, "I was just worried Little Ying wouldn't be able to handle it…" In truth, he had momentarily forgotten that his son was a demon.

    Butterflies might fly slowly, but during their conversation, the one-meter-tall butterfly emerged from Wen Ying's room. Its long proboscis trembled slightly, seemingly targeting its next meal.

    "It's… It's… It's coming!" Lin Tianbao grabbed Wen Ying's arm and pulled Wen Qinxue over, dragging her behind him.

    The Mirror Image clone landed on a treetop, folding its bat-like wings as it watched 21st Building from afar. The exorcists who came to the rescue rode their flying swords towards the building, scanning it carefully before rushing towards the floor with the shattered window.

    "Wen Ying, quickly pretend to be terrified," Wen Ying whispered.


    "Hurry up!"

    Lin Tianbao shouted, "Help! Aaahhh—"

    His voice was so loud that Wen Ying's head buzzed, and he even experienced some ringing in his ears.

    A flying sword pierced through the butterfly from behind, exiting through its abdomen, splattering eerie green blood everywhere.

    When Lu Rongyu entered, he saw the butterfly magical beast's long proboscis piercing towards the boy who resembled the demon mirror, his body frozen in fear. If Lu Rongyu had been any later, that butterfly's proboscis would have pierced into his brain.

    "Magical beast dealt with," Lu Rongyu covered his ears, awkwardly addressing the still-screaming Lin Tianbao, "Screaming can also attract other magical beasts."

    Lin Tianbao gradually quieted down. Wen Qinxue secretly gave him an admiring glance. Lin Tianbao wiped his forehead, his hand now soaked with sweat – he hadn't been pretending just now; he had genuinely been terrified. That green blood was disgustingly revolting.

    Wen Ying, still shaken, sat directly on the floor, his voice barely a whisper, "T-thank you."

    Lu Rongyu replied, "No need to be afraid, I've taken care of the magical beast."

    Lu Rongyu's righteous face had a calming effect. With one hand on his sword, he coolly pierced the butterfly's head again and swiftly withdrew it.

    "There will be people coming to deal with the magical beast's corpse. Until then, please don't touch it."

    Wen Qinxue nodded, "No problem, we definitely won't touch it. The green blood on the floor..."

    Lu Rongyu, clearly experienced, promptly answered, "That will also be taken care of. Anything splattered nearby will be cleaned up like it never happened."

    "I'll check elsewhere. If there's danger, call the Disaster Control Department," he instructed.

    After Lu Rongyu finished speaking, his gaze swept over Wen Ying, pausing for a moment on the sweat-drenched young man before he turned and flew out through the window on his sword.

    Chang Ningsheng had intended to observe further, but it seemed unnecessary now. If he had been just a step too late, the boy would have become a meal for the magical beast.

    The boy truly was fine. He resembled a Demon Mirror Devil, likely due to an ancestor of his mating with one.

    The blood test showed such a low concentration of demonic heritage that the instrument couldn't even detect it. There was no need to worry about atavism.

    The Mirror Image stood quietly on a tree branch, watching Lu Rongyu go in and then come out, a curve forming at the corners of its lips.

    With this report submitted by Lu Rongyu, any suspicion toward him would be completely eliminated.

    Suddenly, the wind picked up, and the air grew hot. The Mirror Image's smile faded as it lifted its head to look at the sky.

    The ringtone of a cell phone interrupted its reverie. The Mirror Image answered the call without breaking its gaze.

    "Who's calling?"

    "Lord, the Magic Realm's judiciary has sent us a message," Ye Wang reported. "No wonder we haven't found any Extremists here. They aren't in the Human Realm at all. They're instigating the Two-Headed Serpent Devil in the Magic Realm to hunt in our world."

    An unfamiliar name. Wen Ying gripped his phone tightly. "Are you talking about the Dual-Headed Magic Snake with purple vertical pupils, black scales on its skin, and an inverted cross marking on its forehead?"

    "That's right."

    Dark clouds blanketed the sky, and a deafening rumble shook the night.

    "I saw it."

    Both Wen Ying's mirror image and his real self cursed at the same time.

    Lightning flashed across the sky, thunder roared, and a fierce wind howled. Small objects danced wildly in the gusts. A colossal snake head emerged from a vortex in the sky. Judging by its size, it was as tall as a twenty-story building.

    It seemed stuck, with only one head piercing through the barrier into the human realm. Its crimson tongue flickered, and its cold purple vertical pupils sent chills down one's spine.

    The magic aura it was emanating would make it no easy feat for the mirror image to deal with it in the human world without causing collateral damage to the surrounding buildings, including his home.

    A similar aura came from afar, accompanied by the same commotion. Wen Ying knew why it was called the Dual-Headed Magic Snake and where its other head was.

    The creature had actually stretched both heads in opposite directions simultaneously. How audacious!

    Just as Lu Rongyu had left, he returned promptly, dashing straight for the snake's head and launching his attack.

    Soon, the other exorcists arrived as well, surrounding the massive snake head. A myriad of attacks were unleashed in succession, but their effectiveness seemed akin to scraping therapy; they were unable to penetrate the Double-Headed Demon Snake's sturdy scales for now.

    Drawing on demonic energy from the Demon Realm, the creature held a significant advantage over the exorcists in the Human Realm.

    Wen Ying fidgeted restlessly, ruffling his hair. The exorcists might be able to subdue the snake, but the surrounding area would inevitably suffer collateral damage. His home wouldn't be spared. Disaster Response Team members were already entering the building below to evacuate residents.

    Even his Mirror Image couldn't dispose of the snake without affecting the surroundings. Its tail was rooted in the Demon Realm, allowing it access to abundant demonic energy for rapid recovery. In contrast, Wen Ying's current location in the Human Realm had a much lower concentration of demonic energy.

    Only his true self could eliminate the snake without damaging the surrounding structures.

    The Mirror Image quickly flew into Wen Ying's apartment, where Wen Qinxue and Lin Tianbao gaped in astonishment at the sight of another Wen Ying.

    "Little Ying, why are there two of you?"

    "It's all me."

    Wen Ying's demonic form dissipated, revealing a large mirror on the spot. Standing before it, Wen Ying's human reflection appeared within.

    Lin Tianbao and Wen Qinxue watched in shock as another Wen Ying stepped out from the mirror. The scene was utterly terrifying, especially when seen through their eyes.

    Lin Tianbao trembled.

    "This is my magic," Wen Ying explained. "There's no time to explain further. Don't let any exorcist come within five meters of this version of me; they'll discover that I'm a demon."

    With those words, Wen Ying shed his human disguise, reverting to his demonic form. His white bat wings burst forth from his back, and he kicked the snake's head, which was halfway out the window, with an enraged blow, twisting it ninety degrees.

    Swearing inwardly, Wen Ying vowed that if he didn't behead this troublesome snake and make a soup out of it today, he'd reverse his name.

    He couldn't defeat the Devil King, but dealing with this serpent was no problem.

    The surrounding exorcists, ready to make the ultimate sacrifice, were sent flying by a single kick from a demon. Had he not been known as the Demon Mirror, they might have mistaken him for the Three-Headed Hellhound, his entire being radiating aggression.


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