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    Chapter 250 - Emerging

    It was unclear how long had passed. The world before Wen Ying's eyes was a glaring white, stirring up an even greater visual stimulus for him while he was in an unconscious state.

    Wen Ying opened his eyes several times before the sight before him finally stabilized.

    He leaned against the transparent tree trunk. Without lifting his head, he could see a pair of translucent feet and fluttering wings in front of him.

    "How are you feeling?" the angel asked with concern. "Is there anywhere else that's uncomfortable?"

    The angel paused, holding back from asking directly, and tactfully inquired, "How is your head? Are you experiencing any abnormal mental states?" He was most eager to know if the child had developed any mental instability, as evidenced by the spasms of neurotic laughter just now.

    Wen Ying was unaware of the angel's thoughts. He didn't quite remember what he had been thinking about earlier. His back itched, so he scratched it with his hand, but the sensation he felt startled him.

    He should only have one pair of featherless wings, yet now, he felt a handful of soft feathers. The sensation of moving his wings was different too, like moving one finger versus several.

    Wen Ying turned his head and saw three pairs of pristine white wings behind him: one pair sprouted from his original demonic bat wings, and two more below them.

    His heart skipped a beat, and he quickly asked the angel, "Can these newly grown wings be retracted separately?"

    Angel: "Why are you asking this?"

    "Wen Ying isn't ready yet," he replied. "There are still things to settle and preparations to make. If I leave now, it'll only alert others." He couldn't keep his wings hidden forever.

    "You can learn to control them. In theory, you can conceal them individually," the angel said. "Including the fragment of the Law I passed on to you, I can teach you how to hide its power. Unless Wu Mixiu comes personally, no one else will sense it."

    Wen Ying's eyes lit up. "Thank you for your trouble."

    As the sky darkened, restless thoughts began to stir in people's minds. It seemed easier to entertain inappropriate notions in the shadows.

    Within the ruins' dungeon, exorcists explored and carried objects around. In the room filled with books, over a dozen exorcists flipped through each volume one by one before setting them aside to search for more.

    As time passed, the lack of discoveries made those with ulterior motives increasingly anxious and impatient.

    At one in the morning, during the time when most living creatures should be resting, everyone felt a bit drowsy. Suddenly, the guards at the bronze door heard a dull, heavy sound of movement. Those seated jumped to their feet, while those standing involuntarily took a few steps forward.

    The door to the room containing the angel's remains finally opened once more!

    Before anyone could catch a glimpse of who was inside, a figure swiftly darted past the narrow gap as the door swung wide.

    The speed was so swift that many people failed to react in time.

    Chang Mufeng's kindly gaze sharpened, and he was just about to intervene when he let out an "Eh," relaxing the magic he had gathered.

    Inside the door, the Devil Mirror held a person by their arm – someone who had already fainted. Chang Mufeng's heart skipped a beat; what an astonishingly quick move.

    The Devil Mirror casually threw the person aside and strolled out with light footsteps.

    The bronze door slowly closed. Wen Ying turned his head, watching as the crystal coffin was gradually covered by the door. His eyes rippled with emotion, his mood complicated.

    The space inside would be forever sealed.

    The Eternal Generation Angel would cease to exist from this moment on.

    Wen Ying felt a swirl of emotions within him. He subconsciously clenched his loosely hanging hand.

    The angel, whom Wen Ying had just been lamenting over, began to dance ecstatically the instant the bronze door closed, his expression wildly excited, as if he had just taken a stimulant.



    "At last! Finally!"

    "I am free—!!!"

    The angel soared uncontrollably around the pristine room, a liberating celebration of both body and soul.

    After a bout of ecstatic laughter, the angel returned to the elevated platform and approached the crystal casket. Gazing at the demonic mirror inside, who seemed merely to be sleeping, the angel's eyes softened with a tender, reddish tinge.

    "Your descendant is not like you; he possesses the power to be unbridled."

    In the realm of humans, thousands of years ago, there was a weeping demonic mirror who, gazing at a falling star, earnestly wished for immense power, so it would never be bullied or looked down upon again.

    Coincidentally, he was that very shooting star, on the verge of descending to Earth and taking human form.

    In the last half-hour of his existence in this world, the angel sat beside the demonic mirror, gazing at her as she reminisced about the past, awaiting reincarnation with serene contentment.

    Beyond the Bronze Gate ——

    Chang Mufeng stroked his beard as he spoke to Xiao Fengkan, "This person is from your knight squad, right? Why was he in such a rush to go inside? Was it your order?"

    Looking at the unconscious man on the ground, Xiao Fengkan's expression turned grave. He said sternly, "I didn't give such an order..."

    Everyone could sense the gravity of the situation from his tone.

    Chang Mufeng spoke calmly, "So you're saying he acted on his own initiative?"

    Xiao Fengkan didn't respond but merely shook his head. "At least I didn't give such an order, nor have I heard of any directive from the church hierarchy."

    Guo Desheng approached Wen Ying, followed by a few members of the knight squad, their voices filled with concern.

    "Why did you stay inside for so long? Nothing untoward happened, I hope?"

    "Did that person do anything to you just now?"

    "Go sit over there and rest for a while. You've had a hard journey."

    Wen Ying kicked the person lying on the ground, his tone tinged with mockery. "This fellow tried to force his way in and I knocked him out. In a way, I saved him since this door can only be opened twice, and we've already used up our quota. If he had gone in, he'd never have come out again in this lifetime."


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