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    Chapter 207: The Outcome

    Boros had never been one to restrain his desires, except when necessary. Thus, he immediately approached and pushed aside the group of exorcists at the entrance, casting an intrigued gaze inside.

    The moment he saw Wen Ying, Boros froze. Upon confirming that there was also a silver-haired Demon Mirror standing beside him, his bewildered and astonished gaze oscillated between the two individuals.

    Was Wen Ying's secret related to the Human Realm? Was this his secret? A human who looked strikingly similar to him, with a blood connection?

    That couldn't be. Wen Ying was a pure-blooded demon; mixed-blood demons were extremely rare and weaker than their pure-blood counterparts. Yet, Wen Ying was clearly stronger than other demons.

    Boros stood rooted to the spot in shock.

    "Another... another demon..." A student stammered, trembling.

    This demon had appeared in the live broadcast, and it had been menacing even amidst a crowd of demons.

    Qing Qi Yang put Wen Ying aside for now and asked Wen Xinxin, "Why is there a demon in Mu City? Shouldn't they be in the academy?"

    Wen Xinxin explained, "Boros, whom I have contracted with, wanted to come and take a look at my living environment."

    Zeng Qiyang nearly cursed. He looked at the exorcist standing by the door. How could the academy officials let such a dangerous demon roam free without stopping them? Would they take responsibility if someone died?

    An Meng was the first to step in from the crowd at the entrance. After he walked forward, a few other exorcists followed his lead.

    "Student Wen Xinxin, would you mind allowing us to draw some blood from Wen Ying?"

    Wen Ying? Before Beros could reprimand the exorcist who dared to offend a demon, his movement froze upon hearing the human's words, revealing an even more incredulous expression than before.

    "Sure." It was the male human who spoke, not his mirror demon.

    What was going on? Beros wore a look of uncertainty.

    Not only did Wen Ying and this human share a striking resemblance, but they also shared the same name. If this was the secret Wen Ying had been hiding... why would he pretend not to know someone with the same name?

    Beros felt as if his brain was about to smoke as he stared intently at the mirror demon, trying to decipher the truth from its expressions and movements.

    Wen Xinxin was visibly nervous. "Teacher, my cousin... he's just an ordinary person."

    Wen Xinxin remembered that Wen Ying had taken a six-month leave due to his overly strong demonic heritage. Wouldn't they detect it through the blood test? Wen Xinxin's heart pounded so fiercely that it seemed to have reached his throat, causing his voice to sound dry.

    An Meng observed Wen Xinxin, sensing the student's palpable tension.

    "Don't be nervous. The blood test is just a routine procedure," An Meng reassured her.

    Zeng Qiyang spoke up, his voice trembling with anxiety. "Could he possibly have ties to demons?"

    Zeng Qiyang's heart pounded rapidly, as if a demon were tempting him to reveal something that might jeopardize Wen Ying and his family. His voice trembled even more as he spoke.

    "Does his family have a demonic lineage?"

    The room fell silent. Wen Xinxin turned abruptly to Zeng Qiyang, her gaze sharp and venomous, contrasting with her usual appearance.

    "You're slandering me, suggesting I have demonic blood too?" she said in a frigid tone.

    Zeng Qiyang, seeing Wen Xinxin's reaction, felt a pang of fear, worried that she might use her family's influence against him. He muttered softly, "I was just speculating, why take it so seriously if you have nothing to hide..."

    Indeed, the exorcists, witnessing Wen Xinxin's anger, began to doubt their suspicions. The intense suspicion dissipated, leaving only a faint trace of uncertainty that needed verification.

    "It's just drawing blood..." Zeng Qiyang's voice wavered. "You'll recover soon enough. You're overreacting."

    Wen Xinxin rolled up her sleeve, but Lu Rongyu stepped forward to stop her from taking action. Zeng Qiyang averted his gaze.

    An Meng reassured, "We won't take much. Just a single tube. We'll only continue if there are any issues."

    Wen Xin Xin turned to him. "There shouldn't be any issues. No one in our family has horns or tails."

    Wen Ying felt conflicted. In reality, he did have them.

    Addressing the ordinary people in the private room, An Meng said, "Please keep what you've seen today confidential."

    A brave soul asked, "Is it mandatory to keep it a secret, or is it just preferred?"

    An Meng's smile remained, but his gaze turned serious. "My child, it's mandatory."

    The questioner shivered and nodded eagerly, like a chicken pecking at rice.

    An Meng then looked at the exorcists on his side. "You all mustn't divulge this information either. Until we confirm the situation, it could easily spark a public relations crisis."

    Wen Xinxin echoed, "Yes, my family can't afford any public relations crises. If one occurs, the stock prices of our company will plummet, and many ordinary shareholders will suffer losses."

    "Then please come with us to the Crisis Department. It's just a blood draw, no need to be nervous," An Meng spoke calmly, exuding an aura that reassured others.

    Wen Ying stood up hesitantly, ready to follow them.

    The usually silent mirror clone spoke up, "I want to go with you as well."

    An Meng didn't respond immediately. Chang Ningsheng suggested, "The dishes from the kitchen are being served one by one. Would you two like to have your meal first?"

    "You haven't eaten either," the mirror clone said with a smile, keeping its gaze fixed on the original. "How long will it take for the blood test results to come out?"

    "Approximately half an hour."

    Wen Ying proposed, "Let's wait for the results and then return to eat together."

    With no other choice, they allowed the Mirror Demon to accompany them. After all, Wen Ying bore a striking resemblance to the demon, and it was also a party involved in the situation.

    Boros, following the Mirror Demon, clearly intended to join them as well.

    In Mu City, they concealed their wings and tucked their tails beneath their coats, donning hats to mask any demonic features as much as possible. Thus, no news had yet surfaced online about the appearance of a demon from the Realm of Demons in Mu City.

    Upon entering the Calamity Department, the group headed straight for the laboratory.

    An Meng had already given prior notice. Inside the lab, a researcher in a white coat swiftly drew a vial of Wen Ying's blood to be analyzed by the instruments.

    Wen Ying sat in a chair, pressing a cotton swab against the spot where his blood had been drawn, his face genuinely fraught with anxiety. He was betting that these machines would not detect the demonic lineage within him after consuming the demonic potion.

    The magical potion, when used on Wen Qinxue and the others, reduced their absorption and utilization of demonic energy, thereby creating an illusion of low magical aptitude. However, in Wen Ying's case, the potion suppressed his newly awakened demonic heritage.

    With his demonic lineage suppressed, Wen Ying's own power was also affected, as if he were under a weakening debuff.

    He had consumed two doses before leaving home today, and now his complexion perfectly matched people's perception of someone who was weak and frail. For Wen Ying was genuinely drained at this moment.

    Thirty minutes usually passed without much notice, but now it felt interminable.

    Wen Xinxin stood beside Wen Ying, her hand resting on his shoulder, doing her utmost to control her expression.

    Wen Ying patted Wen Xinxin's hand on his shoulder. "It's alright, there's nothing wrong with us."

    Wen Xinxin almost lost control of her expression. She wanted to loudly refute Wen Ying and tell him where he got the audacity to claim they had no issues when Wen Dingjue was still hiding abroad.

    Boros's gaze continually flickered between the real Wen Ying and his mirror clone. Wen Ying had expected Boros to question him further, but instead, Boros fell silent, not uttering a single word.

    Only Boros and Muershi knew that Wen Ying, the young demon, had grown up in the human world. Wen Ying wasn't overly worried about other demons from the Realm of Demons discovering a human with the same name, appearance, and similarity to the Mirror Demon, Wen Ying.

    Eventually, the researcher, after studying the report on their computer, announced to everyone, "This child doesn't have any demonic bloodline."

    It was possible that he did, but the concentration was too low for the instrument to detect. Below the threshold, even someone with demonic blood wouldn't awaken as a demon.

    Upon hearing the answer, Wen Xinxin's tense body suddenly relaxed, as if she had survived a disaster. She couldn't fathom how Wen Ying had managed it.

    "Everything's alright now." Wen Xinxin was on the verge of tears from relief.

    "Really not?" The mirror clone was puzzled. "Are your instruments accurate?"

    Feeling challenged, the researcher immediately replied defensively, "There's no way this machine could be wrong. It's the most advanced one in the country."

    Upon hearing the word 'most advanced,' Wen Ying felt a voice in his head sing "Hallelujah."

    The reflection clone approached the original and knelt down to examine his seated face, making Wen Xinxin couldn't help but ask nervously, "What do you want?"

    This demon resembled Wen Ying so much, but there was one difference – the other was more attractive, with their silver-white tresses hardly befitting a devil.

    With a guilty conscience, Wen Xinxin grew more convinced that this magic mirror demon must somehow be related to them by blood.

    "I can come and visit him often, right?" the reflection clone asked.

    The atmosphere around them shifted slightly.

    An Meng replied, "Probably not anytime soon. Ordinary people would still find you…." He didn't spell it out, but the message was clear.

    The reflection clone shrugged. "Alright then, Perseus, let's go eat."

    After saying that, the clone took Perseus' hand and they left together. Lu Rongyu and the others hurriedly followed.

    Wen Xinxin said to the original Wen Ying, "Let's go have lunch too. You need to eat on time."

    After the reflection clone and Perseus finished their lunch in booth 13, they went to watch a movie and didn't emerge until late at night. Throughout, Perseus hadn't uttered a single word.

    When they entered the hotel room, Beros suddenly activated a soundproof barrier and said to Wen Ying, "Your secret has something to do with that human, right? You mentioned before that if your secret were exposed, certain people would be affected."

    "You pretended not to know him today," Beros stated confidently. "And that human definitely knows you."

    Wen Ying glanced sideways, remaining silent as he pondered.

    Beros sounded irritated. "Why do you resemble him so much? Are that group's instruments malfunctioning?"

    "It's just a coincidence that we look alike..."

    Beros sneered. "I might have believed you if you hadn't made me form a pact with Wen Xinxin."

    Wen Ying sighed. "Let me think about it."

    Beros stepped closer, his tone demanding, "Give me an answer."

    Wen Ying raised his hand, reaching for Beros's ear. The oppressive atmosphere Beros had created dissipated under his own grin.

    "Stop pulling my ear!"

    Boros released Wen Ying's hand, only to have his tail entangled by Wen Ying's in return. It brushed gently from the tip before abruptly tightening, causing Boros's muscles to tense up.

    "Don't think you can divert the conversation with such crude tactics," Boros said as he seized Wen Ying's extending tail.

    Wen Ying spoke nonchalantly, "I know him, but he doesn't know me."

    Upon hearing Wen Ying's words, Boros's grip loosened slightly. Taking advantage of the situation, Wen Ying pulled his tail free.

    "And then?"

    Wen Ying lifted his hand to pull Beros onto the bed, pressing him down to lie on it.

    "Then it is time for you to sleep, young one, for those yet to reach their majority require ample slumber."

    "Wen Ying!" Beros raised his hand in anger, and Wen Ying seized his wrist. In response, Beros twisted his hand to lock their arms together.

    Two demons engaged in a fleeting yet intense grappling on the bed, their hands moving so swiftly that afterimages were left behind. Each move was fierce and relentless.


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