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    Chapter 184: A Hug

    Wen Ying sensed the increasing force of Bellos' grip and realized that his anger had surpassed his expectations. If he didn't say something to ease the situation, he might spend the next few days in the hospital.

    "Why are you angry?" Wen Ying asked.

    He diverted some of his attention to speak, but didn't put too much effort into thinking about how to phrase it. As expected, the moment the words left his mouth, Bellos' face darkened even further.

    "I didn't mean it that way. What I meant was," Wen Ying dodged Bellos' swinging fist and rolled on the ground before quickly getting back up, "Do you like Yun Lao?"

    Bellos swung his long legs, "You should just shut up."

    "J-just kidding," Wen Ying panted from the exertion, "I swear I only like Yun Lao's scales."

    "That's none of my business."

    If it's none of your business, then why are you angrily beating me up? Wen Ying thought to himself. The proud demon found joy in this, while the hot-tempered familiar suffered.

    Wen Ying executed several backflips to dodge the powerful blows, using the momentum to enhance his strength. He kicked Bellos' side with his calf, sending him flying.

    Boros adjusted his position mid-air, his muscular body landing gracefully before immediately rushing back with overwhelming force.

    This seamless transition from agility to visual impact was a technique that would earn full marks in any combat lesson. Wen Ying was caught off guard, and Boros struck him.

    Wen Ying grabbed Boros's arm that had hit him, using the momentum to flip him over his shoulder. The two demons engaged in a fierce grappling match.

    "Sigh, Boros, can we negotiate? Could you please stop bulking up?"

    Sweating profusely, Wen Ying relied on minor magic tricks to pin Boros to the ground. Both demons exerted themselves, locked in a tense stalemate, their movements frozen.

    While visually impressive, the physical strain made Wen Ying's hands numb. Without magic... No, why should he, a demon of a wizardly lineage, engage in close combat with a race possessing the gift of a Berserker?

    Boros's strength gradually pushed Wen Ying back. Feeling he was about to lose control, Wen Ying instinctively used his forehead, forcefully slamming it downward.


    Stars danced before Wen Ying's eyes as he gasped for air, his skull buzzing with the impact.

    Boros: "..."

    Boros released his grip, lying on the ground with his limbs outstretched in a cross shape. He lifted his gaze to see Wen Ying clutching his head, his face twisted in pain.

    Boros also had red marks on his forehead, but the pain wasn't as severe as Wen Ying's.

    Wen Ying's vision swirled with black and color, leaving him momentarily speechless. Tears even streamed down the corners of his eyes.

    Boros slowly sat up. His right hand, which had been supporting him on the ground, rose gradually, stopping hesitantly at chest level. After a brief pause, it continued to lift slowly upward.

    "Are you an idiot?" As Boros spoke, his hand landed gently on Wen Ying's forehead. It lingered there for a moment before it was reflexively kicked by Wen Ying into the nearby wall.

    Boros spoke through gritted teeth, "Seems like my worries were unnecessary."

    Wen Ying finally regained his composure, like the cramp in his calf at midnight finally easing up. His muscles gradually relaxed as he released his tension.

    "Now we can have a proper conversation," Wen Ying still spoke with a hint of strain. He gently rubbed his forehead with his right hand and mumbled, "Boros, let me tell you something. Due to my physical condition before, I've never been in a relationship."

    The irritation and aloofness on Boros's face changed subtly, though not much, but the change in his eyes was more noticeable – even the demon himself didn't realize it. They widened slightly, even as he said, "It has nothing to do with me."

    Seeing that Boros was impervious to persuasion, Wen Ying stroked his chin and said, "Actually, what I wanted to say is, if you don't like a training-dog style of romance, you need to take the initiative, Boros."

    "Like training a dog?!" Beros's voice rose in disbelief, his cold eyes widening in shock.

    Wen Ying shrugged. "I told you, I have no experience with love. This is my first attempt."

    Beros stepped closer, suppressing the urge to roar loudly as he lowered his voice. "You dare treat me like a dog?!"

    Wen Ying raised his hands to shield his face, turning his head away from Beros's intense proximity. "It was just a metaphor."

    Beros gritted his teeth uncontrollably, his canines elongating slightly into sharp fangs, revealing his agitation.

    "Don't be angry," Wen Ying said softly, reaching out to tentatively wrap his arms around Beros's neck. Beros, now leaning in, put them at a comfortable position to encircle his neck without effort.

    Beros's muscles tensed beneath his skin.

    Blood rushed through the veins under his neck, pulsing in rhythm with his heartbeat.

    With his right hand, Beros reached for Wen Ying's waist, gently tightening his grip.

    "Not catching, but holding," Wen Ying said.

    Beros straightened up, and Wen Ying's arms around his neck intertwined, turning into an embrace as he stood, with the tips of his toes barely touching the ground.

    "There are no other demons here, Beros," Wen Ying whispered in his ear, "no need to worry about pride."

    Beros growled lowly, "I'm not."

    After a moment of struggle, he tentatively switched from a grasp to a hold with his right hand.

    He was stronger than Wen Ying, able to securely hold Wen Ying's waist with just one arm.

    A strange sensation.

    He held on for a little longer.

    Beros switched to his left hand.

    "How does it feel?" Wen Ying asked with a smile.

    Lacking experience in romance, this was his first time being embraced as well.

    Wen Ying leaned his head on Beros' muscular chest. This strong body was evenly toned with resilient muscles. If Beros didn't hit him, this body would indeed make him feel secure.

    "There's no particular feeling."

    Wen Ying pouted. "Beros, do you know a saying that goes 'the toughest part of the body is the mouth'?"

    Beros released his grip, and Wen Ying still hung onto Beros. He lifted his feet slightly, exerted force, flipped his body, and sat on Beros' neck.

    Boros held Wen Ying's calf, frowning as he said, "Get down."

    Suddenly, Boros' gaze sharpened as he turned his head to look behind him.

    "I seem to have arrived at an inconvenient time?" Muershi floated over leisurely.

    Wen Ying nodded. "Indeed."

    He jumped down from Boros' shoulder and stood in front of Muershi. "I hope you came here with something to tell me."

    "I just received a message that Lai Yehua has smashed another wall of his castle," Muershi said with a mischievous grin, "all because of those cards you created in the human realm."

    "Wen Ying," he chuckled, "his cards are the bestsellers."

    Muershi suggested, "If you were to change his image, he probably wouldn't be so upset."

    Boros watched the two of them engrossed in their conversation, their harmonious rapport excluding him entirely. A sense of frustration and displeasure welled up within him.

    "The human government doesn't allow me to sell ordinary cards anymore, but they don't know I have even more advanced magic cards in my possession," he interjected.

    "Wen Ying," he called out.

    Wen Ying turned. "Yes? What is it?"

    Boros opened his mouth, unsure why he was about to say this, "I have several completed assignments at my place."

    Wen Ying's eyes lit up. "Can I borrow them?"

    Boros averted his gaze. "If you can make me feel better."

    "Straightforward," Wen Ying turned to Muershi and said, "If there's nothing else, I'll be on my way."

    Muershi shook his head. "No, that's all."

    Wen Ying tugged on Beros' arm and hurried away. "I'll go first. Bye."

    After bidding farewell to Muershi, Wen Ying looked up at Beros and asked, "Beros, when are you heading back to your place? Do you mean the Flame Mountain Villa in the capital?"

    Tonight's banquet was an evening affair, and it was nearly midnight.

    "I'll return to the capital tomorrow."

    "Then I'll join you on the teleportation array tomorrow."

    Watching the two demons leave, Muershi took out his phone and illuminated the screen, revealing a distant shot of photographs: one with Wen Ying hugging Beros' neck while Beros held him by the waist, and another with Wen Ying sitting on Beros' shoulder.

    Muershi swiped through the images, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Next time he pulled a prank, he'd have a get-out-of-jail-free card with Beros.

    He could use it like this: as long as you don't hit me, I'll delete the photos and keep them private.

    After a night's rest, Wen Ying eagerly set out early the next morning to find Beros and return to the capital together. Along the way, he encountered Yun Lao.

    "Are you going to look for Beros?" Yun Lao asked.

    Wen Ying nodded. "Do you want to come too?"

    Yun Lao shook his head. "I'm waiting for you."

    Wen Ying raised an eyebrow. "Waiting for me?"

    "I've discovered that whips can be quite enjoyable," Yun Lao slowly leaned in, bending slightly to meet Wen Ying's gaze. "How about we make a date?"

    Suddenly, Yun Lao was kicked from behind. They were in a corridor with no windows on the side, and Yun Lao tumbled straight down several levels.

    Wen Ying heard Yun Lao's joyful laughter echoing from below.


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