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    Chapter 180: Banquet

    In the end, neither of them set up a teleportation array. Muershi found it too time-consuming to search for them one by one.

    Wen Ying said, "If you have an idea, just tell me."

    Muershi playfully blinked his left eye. "Let's hold a banquet in my name and invite them as guests. Recently, the flying magic fish in our territory are at harvest season. We can use that as an excuse to call them over. The well-informed ones know you've been collecting blood, but they don't know you're with me now."

    "You're really willing to spend for a bit of their blood," Wen Ying commented. He had some impression of this type of magical beast. It was a fish-type magical beast that only grew in the territory of the Evil Birds. It was delicious and nutritious, but rare and had a long growth cycle, which made it expensive.

    "There are more than we expected this year," Muershi leaned closer to Wen Ying. "How will you repay me?"

    "I'll repay you with a good show," Wen Ying replied, already starting to plan the script in his mind.

    The joy of finding amusement was almost overflowing on Muershi's face, his eyes squinting into a smile. At this moment, he looked like a sunny teenager in his youth, full of vitality.

    "You can stay in this castle for now. Don't show yourself outside these few days."

    Wen Ying: "If we invite the whole class, they'll know that I'll be there too. Won't some devils choose not to come?"

    Muershi replied without hesitation, "We can just catch them later if they don't show up."

    Wen Ying found himself in perfect agreement with Muershi.

    While Muershi was sending invitations to the students of Class One, Wen Ying had already taken care of Beros and the others who had tasted his blood. Muershi extended the same courtesy.

    Initially, Wen Ying and Muershi were worried that the smarter ones might catch on and decline the invitation. Unexpectedly, Muershi's mother, the current leader of the Extremity Evil Birds, Yan Yujing, learned about Muershi's plan to host a flying magic fish feast for his classmates. She promptly sent invitations to their parents, generously offering even more precious flying magic fish.

    A banquet for thirty young devils turned into a grander gathering for adult devils.

    Muershi reassured Wen Ying, "Don't worry about any devils not showing up."

    Wen Ying praised, "Your mom is amazing."

    "I heard she even invited the Devil King," Muershi added. "I suspect she has figured out our intentions and wants to have even more fun."

    Wen Ying: "..." Right, Muershi's mother was also an Extremity Evil Bird, and none of that breed had a good disposition.

    Demons from Class One received their invitations, and the perceptive and well-informed ones instantly found their moods soured.

    Phelios rubbed the spot where his scales had once been plucked. Though they had regrown, the touch still evoked the memory of the violent pain he'd endured during that process.

    Wu Shaluo knew that Wen Ying's method of blood extraction was different from Aluda's, but he couldn't separate them in his mind, causing an unbearable discomfort throughout his body.

    Despite their reluctance, they were compelled to accompany their elders to the banquet prepared by Yan Yujing.

    Time flew by swiftly.

    The Castle of the Malevolent Birds was also perched on a precipice.

    Wen Ying emerged from his room, dressed formally, to attend the banquet alongside Muershi.

    The venue was semi-open-air, with a majestic waterfall cascading outside, creating a breathtaking view.

    "Ah, I just remembered something I forgot to tell you..."

    As the two demons entered the gathering, Wen Ying noticed a male demon whispering something to Belos. The latter appeared agitated, swatting at the male demon roughly. The male demon stumbled and fell but promptly scrambled back up, eagerly approaching Belos once more.

    Wen Ying said doubtfully, "I remember that Berros would attack anyone who got too close, so no demon dared to approach him. The internet says everyone is afraid of him."

    After he finished speaking, he turned his head to ask Muershi, "Did I remember it wrong? Or did the world change after my trip to the human realm?"

    Muershi pointed ahead, "That's exactly what I was going to say."

    "Hmm?" Wen Ying narrowed his eyes slightly.

    "Don't give me such a dangerous look," Muershi held up his hands halfway, "that demon is a masochist."

    Wen Ying's narrowed eyes widened, "A masochist?!"


    Wen Ying put his finger to his lips, his brows furrowing slightly, "That demon looks weak and frail. Even if he is a masochist, Berros could still knock him down with one punch."

    With that, he strode forward.

    Muershi clicked his tongue and shook his head, following behind Wen Ying.

    Boros was already annoyed by the persistent demon tailing him when he caught sight of Wen Ying approaching. His eyelids twitched.

    "Wen Ying," Wen Ying's smile was radiant, "who's this demon?"

    Yun Lao appeared more robust than Wen Ying at first glance. Although he seemed thin and weak from afar, his muscles were more defined up close compared to Wen Ying's.

    Muershi caught up and said behind Wen Ying, "You're walking too fast. I wasn't done talking. Yun Lao is from the Black Dragon Clan, with tough skin and flesh."

    Yun Lao turned to look at Wen Ying from head to toe, his expression changing visibly. He quickly lost interest in Wen Ying and his gaze returned to Boros.

    Whispering into Wen Ying's ear, Muershi said, "He used to chase after Boros, but Boros beat him so badly that he could barely breathe. He's only been released now after recovering from his injuries. If he hadn't provoked Boros, he would be our classmate."

    "Boros, it's been so long since we last met. You're not being warm enough," Yun Lao looked at Boros as if no one else existed, his tone feverish, "I bought a lot of your magic cards. Your eyes are fantastic when they materialize! I dream about your red eyes that look down on trash!"

    Wen Ying: "?" The content and tone didn't seem right. It wasn't what he had imagined.

    With a puzzled look, Wen Ying glanced at Muershi. Muershi bent down and whispered in his ear, "I told you he's a masochist. He likes Boros because he's a masochist."

    Wen Ying: "..."

    "Stay away from me," Beros growled through gritted teeth, "you pervert!"

    Wen Ying stroked his chin, his mood shifting from the anger he felt upon discovering his rival to a more contemplative state.

    "Do you enjoy pain?"

    Yun Lao, intrigued by the topic, reluctantly spared this non-threatening demon a glance. "I'm not that tasteless of a demon."

    "How about this then," Wen Ying's tone was laced with temptation, "binding you tightly with sturdy chains, whipping you with a white lash, listening to the exhilarating sound as I strip away your scales, piece by piece, from your neck..."

    Muershi raised an eyebrow; Wen Ying was indeed providing him with quite the spectacle.

    The enchanted weapon stored in Wen Ying's spatial bracelet materialized in his upraised palm, the whip unfurling from its handle as Wen Ying held it against Yun Lao's throat with force.

    Yun Lao's Adam's apple bobbed, and his body trembled in response to Wen Ying's words.

    Wen Ying smiled, swiftly and precisely plucking a tiny black dragon scale from Yun Lao's throat. The sharp pain flushed Yun Lao's cheeks, narrowing his pupils into vertical slits.

    "In this world, there's more to pain than brute force," Wen Ying murmured seductively, lifting the whip upwards to tilt Yun Lao's chin. Yun Lao's breathing quickened noticeably.

    Boros found himself momentarily stunned, only to realize what was happening. He grabbed Wen Ying's hand holding the rod and pulled it away, dispelling the inexplicably surreal atmosphere that had arisen.

    "What are you doing?!" Boros' voice involuntarily rose, tinged with a hint of shock.

    Wen Ying remained composed. "Gathering materials."

    Boros' eyes widened more than usual, his expression as if he couldn't believe it. "How is this gathering materials?"


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