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    Chapter 240 - A Stir

    Lena felt the sharp object on her forehead and was so flustered that she couldn't even speak, her anxiety growing.

    An exorcist nearby muttered softly, "At least let her finish her sentence..."

    Lilith glanced in the direction of the sound, and the crowd there immediately fell silent, each one seemingly struck dumb.

    Lilith put down her hand and smiled at Lena. "If you can say something truly useful, I might consider sparing your life." As she spoke, she deliberately softened her aura, appearing much gentler than before.

    Lan Jiaying croaked, "Think it through before you speak." The humiliation he had suffered today made him not only want to kill all the people from the Azef Academy but also those humans who had witnessed the scene just now.

    Wen Ying echoed, his tone heavy. "Yes, think it through before you speak." Earlier, Hai Lige had tried to provoke the demons with his words, implying that he wasn't entirely a demon. Well, he was, but only half.

    Lena opened her mouth, her mind in such disarray that it was almost blank, her whole body drenched in sweat, her limbs numb.

    "I-I'm telling the truth," Lena stammered. "I belong to the main line of the Good family. I overheard this... in the hallway, my father and an important figure were talking... I accidentally heard them..."

    Lena's words were jumbled and confused.

    Lilith interrupted her with a smile, saying, "Just tell me what it is. I'm curious. Why do you say he has fragments of a law within him? Does everyone who came with you know about this?"

    Lena shook her head. "Hai Lige must know, but I'm not sure about the others."

    "The reason there are law fragments within him is because an ancestor from his lineage of Mirror Demons fell in love with an angel during the war a thousand years ago and bore a child. That's why the law fragments slumber within this branch of Mirror Demons."

    The room fell silent for a moment before erupting into a hubbub akin to a bustling marketplace.

    "Demons and angels in love? Even the most melodramatic TV drama writer wouldn't dare pen that."

    "She must be making it up, right?"

    "Aren't there reproductive barriers between angels and demons? How could they have a child?"

    Scarlet walked over to Wen Ying, clapped him on the shoulder, and laughed heartily without uttering a word, continuing his mocking laughter. "Hahaha."

    Wen Ying: "..."

    Lilith covered her mouth, and the smile on her face gradually turned cold.

    Lena heard the mocking laughter around her and hastily declared, "Everything I said is true!" The angels had confirmed it! But she couldn't divulge that part.

    Lan Jiaying's lips curled up slightly. "Your ancestor…" She paused abruptly in the middle of her sentence, her mocking expression gradually fading as she fell into deep thought.

    Some demons and humans in the crowd began to realize something, their gazes toward Wen Ying filled with uncertainty.

    Wen Ying felt bewildered and slightly anxious by their stares.

    Lan Jiaying spoke slowly, "If what you're saying is true, it explains how you were able to penetrate the barrier created by the laws."

    Lilith furrowed her brows slightly, her tone tinged with doubt. "But he couldn't enter at first and was blocked outside."

    Inside his heart, Wen Ying shouted that perhaps it was because he was half-human and half-demon. At the beginning, he might have been blocked because it wasn't his true form… No, Wen Ying's heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

    Half-demon Wu Fei had also been stopped outside earlier, as he had come to find Wen Ying and even collided with Beros, leaving a vivid impression on Wen Ying. He was certain he had seen Wu Fei being stopped at the barrier.

    Was it really that ridiculous? His great-grandfather hadn't mentioned this incident to him. Wen Ying felt that the events happening to him were becoming increasingly unbelievable.

    The discussions around them quietened down, as if everyone was subconsciously afraid of disturbing something, lowering their voices unconsciously.

    Scarlet spoke with an enlightened tone, "So that's why during that period, the Demon Mirror became exceptionally powerful. Later on, as its power was diluted through generations, it returned to its original state."

    Looking at Wen Ying, Scarlet said resolutely, "So you're experiencing atavism."

    Wen Ying: "..." Wen Dingjue didn't mention this to him. Did Wen Dingjue know about it? Did Arudha know?

    And what about the Devil King?

    If the Devil King knew, Wen Ying quickly pieced together a series of revelations and chilling possibilities in his mind.

    For instance, assigning him to manage the Devil Realm's Judgement Bureau in the Human World was perhaps to exploit his possession of the law fragments, either to evade or mitigate the awakening of the law.

    How cunning, Wen Ying couldn't help but grind his teeth. He even looked at Lan Jiaying with a sinister glint.

    Lan Jiaying: "?"

    Wu Shaluo pondered, then raised an eyebrow and said tauntingly, "Since you have an unusual blood connection to the law, can you make those condensed laws up there leave?"

    Wen Ying: "I... I doubt it."

    It all clicked into place. Now he understood why touching the barrier felt so familiar. Back when he witnessed Koroy's divination, he had seen an illusion of a vast torrent of time. That sensation was identical to what he felt now.

    Considering that, perhaps those figures kneeling before the divine stones in his vision were from the memory of the angel who had fallen in love with the demonic mirror.

    Lena tried to minimize her presence, hoping the demons would focus on discussing the unconventional love between angels and demons. However, Lilith's gaze soon fell upon her again.

    "W-Why are you sure Wen... the Mirror is from that lineage?" Lena nearly blurted out Wen Ying's true name in her eagerness to learn more.

    Lena stammered, "Because he's incredibly powerful, just as we imagined from that lineage. He surpasses his kin, which suggests that some fragments of the law within him have awakened."

    Scarlet expressed her disappointment. "I thought it might be due to Aruda's potions. No wonder the strength-enhancing potions I got from her didn't show significant effects."

    Di Ji asked, "Then why did only he experience regression? Was there something special about him?"

    Wen Ying's mind drifted back to when Wen Dingjue first brought him to Aruda's castle.

    They had said that half-human, half-demon children born in the Demon Realm were considered demons, while those born in the Human Realm were considered humans. Yet, Wen Ying, a half-demon, was born in the Human Realm.

    The weakening of that lineage of demonic mirrors occurred after the demons were expelled from the Human Realm. Wen Ying ventured a bold hypothesis: perhaps being born in the Human Realm was a prerequisite for their exceptional power.

    Considering this, Wen Ying began to suspect that Wen Dingjue knew something about their ancestors. Back then, he had confidently spoken of reviving the Mirror Demon Clan and even wanted him to become the Demon King.

    Amidst the surrounding discussions, Wen Ying had no intention of revealing his speculations. This was a secret he kept close to his chest!

    Others, both demons and humans, were unaware of his secret, so they could never guess it.

    This matter was too explosive; explosive enough to somewhat dilute the anger of the demons.

    Lena asked cautiously, "C-Could I leave?"

    Lan Jiaying looked at her, "I agree with what you said earlier, that one should apologize for their mistakes."

    Lena immediately started apologizing frantically.

    Lan Jiaying, who had already transformed back into a dignified human form, had a cold expression, "Upload it online, reveal your entire plan."

    As Lan Jiaying spoke, he glanced at Yan Liwen beside him, "According to your human laws, wouldn't she be locked up forever?"

    Yan Liwen promptly replied, "Please rest assured, we will definitely handle this seriously!"

    It seemed that the demons were not intent on severing their "international" friendship – a relief, indeed, as it meant there would be no war.

    Wen Ying observed Lan Jiaying. He had regained his human appearance once more, albeit somewhat disheveled, but his demeanor was restored. He really knew how to put on an act.

    As expected, Lan Jiaying prioritized the Devil King's orders over his pride. He didn't kill Lena, allowing her to make a video confession. This would undoubtedly elevate people's perceptions of the demons even further.

    When people mentioned Lan Jiaying, they would likely say, "That demon who was falsely accused..."

    The fallen exorcists wouldn't matter much to the public. Instead, they would focus on Lena, who spoke out without being killed by a demon. Some might even think the demons were quite forgiving for not eliminating everyone. If it were them in that situation, they would have been seething with anger.

    Most of the unfortunate victims on this luxurious cruise would probably direct their complaints towards the Asefa Academy instead.

    Wu Fei's voice suddenly rang out. Using his magic to amplify it, he sounded slightly uncertain, but everyone could hear him clearly.

    "Greetings, everyone. The Devil King wishes to address you all."

    Wen Ying turned sharply to look at Wu Fei, who was holding a phone. He had used magic to boost the volume.

    "Good evening, exorcists. I am aware of what just happened. My second son live-streamed the situation here on his phone."

    Wen Ying nearly blurted out an expletive. He had indeed instructed Wu Fei to take action, but that was to attack the barrier, not to call the Devil King! This turn of events left him momentarily stunned.

    Lan Jiaying's eyes lit up, while the corner of Wen Ying's mouth twitched.

    "Devil King?"

    "Is that the Devil King's voice?"

    "It actually is...the Devil King."

    "He sounds quite young."

    Seeing everyone, both humans and demons, staring at him, Wu Fei felt his legs go weak. He still wasn't accustomed to being the center of attention; he always saw himself as just an ordinary observer.

    "I'm actually very angry that someone within humanity would collaborate with the Extremists to frame my son and attempt to take his life," the Devil King's voice rang out, deep and authoritative.

    Everyone's hearts skipped a beat. Lan Jiaying struggled to contain his delight, forcefully flattening the curve of his lips.

    "At first, I was indeed furious, but I quickly regained my composure. Their plan was to incite a war between our two realms, something the Extremists have always desired," the Devil King's tone was formal and composed. "If I were to let my anger cloud my judgment and launch an attack on the human world, I would be playing right into their hands."

    Those present instinctively nodded. Yes, yes, that's right, Your Majesty! Their affection for the current Devil King soared.

    "But I can't just stand idly by. If I don't make any statement or take action, what if they really succeed in killing one of our young devils in the future?"

    Everyone's hearts, which had just settled, leaped again.

    "Therefore, I've decided to dispatch a small legion of Low Rank Devils to the Human Realm to protect our underage devils."

    Yan Liwen's eyelids twitched wildly. "This...” The Devil King had emphasized 'underage,' showing his resolute stance.

    The leaders exchanged glances, each sensing the unspoken implications in the others' eyes.

    The Devil King's tone shifted once more. "That was the original plan."

    Everyone: "..." Their hearts were aching. Could this Devil King please finish his sentence in one breath?

    Wen Ying's lips curled into a subtle smile, delighting in the realization of the devil king's antics unfolding before the surrounding people.

    "Yet, for the sake of fostering long-term friendship between our two realms, I plan to have these demonic legions engage in trade within the human world. They will establish a Demon Realm Department Store there, and they will be its founding staff."


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